Professional Trophy Animal & Big Game Taxidermy

When searching for a taxidermy establishment, that truly understands the needs of the hunting and big game community, there is only one business that should come to mind: Ron’s Taxidermy. Serving as a Canadian Taxidermist for over two decades, Ron’s Taxidermy is experienced with performing various Animal Mounts sportsmen will appreciate.

Why Choose Ron’s Taxidermy?

Valuing customer relationships, each mount is created in consultation with the customer; combining Ron’s Taxidermy expertise with the desired end results and goals of the customer. This consultation allows for the creation of life-like Trophy Mounts hunters and sport fishermen will be proud to display. Understanding the location of the hunting or fishing trip, the setting of the area and the overall customer expectations and outcomes of the mount allows Ron’s Taxidermy to create the perfect diorama, rug or Game Head Mounts that Canadian Taxidermy customers will enjoy.

Please call Ron’s Taxidermy at (705) 439-2196 or email ronstaxidermy@xplornet.ca for more information.